Tonga Declaration

There’s been lots of discussion in the region recently of the recent ICT Ministers’ meeting in Tonga. In order to help things along, here’s link to the actual Tonga Declaration 2010 document.


Here’s the OCR’ed text below the cut. Any errors are mine….

Secretariat of the Pacific Community


18 June 2010

Nuku’alofa, Tonga

ICT for development, governance and sustainable livelihoods

Tonga Declaration

We, the representatives of the Countries and Territories meeting in Nuku’alofa,


Noting the important role of ICT in meeting the Millennium Development Goals

Recalling the Resolution 64/187 of the UN General Assembly, of 21 December 2009 recognising the importance of partnerships with all relevant stakeholders in enhancing access to ICT and that ICT has the potential to provide new solutions to development challenges;

Recognising the unique challenges faced by Pacific Small Island Developing States
and Territories in ICT development;

Noting that the Pacnfic Plan as endorsed by the Forum Leaders’ Meeting in Madang,
Papua New Guinea in October 2005 provides a framework for strengthening regional
cooperation and integration between Forum countries;

Recalling the Wellington Declaration of the 2006 Pacific Islands Forum
Communications Ministers meeting set priorities and identified challenges to be
addressed in implementing the Digital Strategy;

Recalling the 2009 PacWc ICT Ministerial Forum Communiqué that was endorsed by
the InternationalTelecommunication Union (ITU) Pacific member states;

Acknowledging the important role of development partners in progressing ICT
development in the Pacific region;

Noting that Forum Leaders requested in their Cairns Communiqué that the Digital
Strategy, an essential component of the Pacgfic Plan, be reviewed and revised;

Acknowledging the review of the Digital Strategy by the Pacific Islands Forum
Secretariat (PIFS);

Acknowledging the development of the Framework for Action on lCT for
Development for the Pacific by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) in
partnership with Council of Regional Organisations in the Pacific (CROP) agencies and
development partners;

Declare that we:

1. Are committed to using ICT as a key tool for the development, governance and sustainable livelihood of the people of our countries;

2. Recognise that while ICTs have enormous potential for socio economic
development, they pose risks to our communities that need to be carefully

3. Will work together to support the advancement of Pacific countries through
improved deployment and use of ICTs in our societies; and

4. Endorse the concept of ’many partners, one team’ in progressing a more
coordinated and coherent approach to ICT development.

Accordingly, we:

(i) Endorse the recommendations in the PacWc Regional ICT Officials’
Meeting Report and Outcomes;

(ii) Endorse the Framework for Action on ICT for Development for the

(iii) Request SPC to work with USP, PICTs and development partners to
develop the three year rolling Strategic Action Plan that will be updated
annually, and to report back on targets set in the framework, and
outline upcoming ICT activities in the region;

(iv) Request SPC to coordinate the implementation of the framework in
collaboration with USP, and other CROP agencies and development

(v) Agree that the Framework be reviewed before mid 2013; and
(vi) Agree to convene a Pacific ICT IVIinisters’ meeting after the review to
consider the findings and provide direction to the implementation of
the Framework.

18 June 2010
IN WITNESSED WHEREOF the undersigned have affixed their signatures to this Agreement

DONE at Nuku’alofa, Tonga, this 18″‘ day of June, the year two thousand and ten.

[Signatures follow]